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-  JUNE 29TH

Welcome to our Covent Garden Location!

This location is run by the head of the association Si-Fu Della O'Sullivan 


This is a new location and there are plans to build and open more classes in the near future! If you would like to attend our special Open Day on 9th September book your free trial now. 


Jubilee Hall Gym 

Covent Garden 





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Run by the Founder and chief instructor of the Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association (Sifu Della O'Sullivan) 


Covent Garden is a very popular location the first weekly class due to open is already almost full! So we have high hopes for it to grow steadily.   


We have been a big part of the community, with year after year running our Fight Like A Girl charity workshops and 5 week courses for nearly a decade!  And because of this our main student base is mostly women and couples but we hope to build a wonderful mix of people ranging from all ages and backgrounds to join our cominity. 



Si-Fu Della O'Sullivan 


Si-Fu Della O’Sullivan has trained in Wing Tsun since 2006 and comes from a strong Leung Ting lineage. She achieved her 1st Master Grade in November of 2016 and is one of the highest-ranking female masters worldwide.



Her Story: 


A London mother who became a leading martial arts fighter after being stalked is launching a series of training workshops for women... Click here for more.


Si-Fu Della started teaching in 2007 after training for the equivalent average hours of 4 years in one.  She opened her first school in Dulwich, South London, where she continues to teach. In addition, she has also taught children of all ages and learning abilities, run women’s self-defence classes, taught specialist bodyguard classes and led countless public demonstrations both in the UK and abroad.


In 2011, she performed on stage to a packed audience at the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, China, alongside the legendary Shaolin Monks.


She has also appeared in several newspaper articles and was recently featured in London’s Evening Standard and the BBC’s The One Show.


Sifu O’Sullivan has also featured in a BBC documentary about positive female role models and was the subject of a special feature in Martial Arts Illustrated (February Edition, 2014), and Wing Chun Illustrated (2015).


Si-Fu Della has become an advocate for female empowerment after revealing the inspirational story of her journey through martial arts.


In 2016 she launched her ‘Fight Like a Girl’ campaign and tour in support of BEDE house charity, where various workshops were set up across the capital to encourage more women to take up self-defence, feel safe and have the knowledge that they as women can achieve self-protection and skill as she has.  


She also wanted to have a women-only environment to assist women who have experienced trauma, been victims of stalking, sexual harassment and other forms of violence.


"in an ideal world a woman should feel ok to walk into a martial arts gym and feel comfortable, and although there are fantastically encouraging male and female teachers out there it is a mostly male-dominated world and this thought can be intimidating and off-putting for someone who has experienced violence, so I just want to give them a little helping hand to feel ok to walk in a room and learn self-defence"


- Sifu Della



Sifu Della is also launching workshops for the LGBT+ community, Muslim women groups,  and any other demographic that requires a specific approach to their needs.


She uses and adapts her knowledge to help all who need and want it.

Following her recent work for the Fight like a girl campaign, Della has been interviewed by various media outlets including; BBC News, 2017, ITV London, Radio 1 show, Radio 4, evening standard, south London press, The Maelstrom, and the Sun newspaper.



"Fundamentally a master of an art is someone who has mastered the ability to NOT allow their emotions, fears ‘demons’ to control them. They should represent and reflect honesty, integrity, skill, intelligence and patience. And a leader should never abuse their position. This is what I intend to do differently and ensure I never forget’

‘ the Chinese were very clever to have a path of enlightenment be alongside martial skill, because; there is no greater form of self control and responsibility than to have the power to destroy but never ever want to use it"



 £75 per Month (Students £65)

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Pheonix Eye Wing Tsun Covent Garden


Jubilee Hall Gym ​

Covent Garden 


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Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association?

"I’ve been training under Si-mei Della for a few months now. As a petite woman, I find the practical focus on self-defence very assuring. Si-mei is an encouraging mentor and her martial arts skills are inspirational. I’m really glad to have discovered Si-mei’s program as I have progressed in terms of strength, speed and agility in a short space of time."

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