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Founded  by Sifu Della (head of the association)

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What is #FightLikeAGirl?

Fight like a girl began as a campaign where Sifu Della was encouraging women and young girls of all backgrounds to feel confident and comfortable to step foot in a room to learn martial arts.


How did it begin?

Coming from her experience of being stalked as a young girl and from meeting other women who have had trauma and violence in their life, she realised how daunting it can be to walk into a gym with the pre-conceived idea that it would be mostly a male environment, and although the intention is to encourage women to later integrate with men to learn martial arts.  Della wanted to allow a space for women to be taught by her and in an environment they would feel comfortable with at this first stage.  


What will I learn?

The courses and workshops are designed to tackle common attacks and problems women would likely face in a violent or dangerous situation.

EVERYTHING taught is effective and efficient and does not require physical strength! 


All the techniques, theories and strategies you will learn in the #FightLikeAGirl Workshop are based on years of experience and understanding. I know from personal experience what it means to feel vulnerable and scared… and what it means to take back control and be empowered. This workshop will give you a clear understanding of your strengths… and how to use them.


One of the best ways we, as ladies, can defend ourselves is by using our opponent’s strength against them. Brute force is not necessary. This #FightLikeAGirl Women’s Self-defence Seminar will get you on the right track to develop the ability the take care of yourself in any situation.

What can I expect?

Each workshop and course will instil you with the essential ingredients you need to defend yourself. We’ll start with key principles of self-defence, top tips to stay safe, and the importance of self-belief and motivation. But that’s not all, because you will…


"Above all, be the heroine of your life,

not the victim."

Nora Ephron

Develop Practical Self-defence Techniques

While understanding how to avoid danger is important, you still need to develop skills in order to be sure you are safe.

That’s why we are going to practice, practice, practice…

…and Have a Blast Doing It!

Upcoming London Dates:


Alleyn's School
Townley Road
SE22 8SU

2nd October (10AM-12PM) 








The topics covered in the programme include:

Aside from the practical side we also talk about how to deal with fear, increase awareness and prevention.

The self-defence programme is based on what's likely to happen on the street. The topics include:

  • How to prepare your journey and stay safe.

  • How to prevent, be aware, and recognise dangerous situations.

  • Sexual harassment - what it is and what to do about it!

  • Defence against controlling attacker - chokes, body and hand grabs, hair grabs, being dragged to the ground or picked up.

  • how to use everyday objects to help you defend yourself against a dangerous attacker.

SUPPORTING CHARITY BEDE HOUSE - a charity who work to help women who have been victims of domestic violence.

*A percentage of profits will be donated to:
Bede House Association
registered charity number 303199


Please come with your daughters, mothers, sisters and friends and join us in helping women who are in need and learn some fantastic skills in the process.

"Just wanted to let you know that I thought the class was very useful and also enjoyable. Though I did find myself feeling a little uncoordinated at times!! I also used muscles that I didn’t know I had!"

What recent attendees of a #FightLikeAGirl Women’s Self-Defence Seminar had to say…

Help Sifu Della Publish her first book! 

Help Sifu Della Publish her first book! 

If the world were a fairer place all men would respect women. They would know what ‘no’ means and never take advantage, abuse, or assault women and girls.

Education for men and boys on how to treat women is so important, and so are stricter laws, but unfortunately we’re not there yet; there were over 1.2 million reports of violent crime in the year leading up to lockdown, according to the Office of National Statistics, and unfortunately there has been a rise in violence toward women and girls. One in three women have experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lives.

It is frustrating that society talks far more about what women need to do in order not to be attacked and not enough about men's behaviour. But until society changes, women should be able to move confidently through our lives and learning a few skills to protect ourselves against the unexpected will help us.


Fight Like a Girl is a book about empowerment. It's about knowing that you can and will know what to do if someone oversteps your boundaries.

So, what should you do if you are faced with violence? Do you know how to prevent, avoid or at worst defend yourself against an attack? Do you know where or how to strike in self-defence? This book is designed to help you learn, remember and most importantly apply the best tools, concepts and techniques to handle a variety of situations.

Fight Like a Girl covers everything from how to use items you might carry with you every day to how to escape a physical attacker. Each subject offers a set of easy-to-remember principles, applied alongside techniques designed not to fail you. They are the most efficient way to defeat someone who is much larger and stronger.


It will cover:

- Awareness and prevention – it’s always better to know how to spot potential danger rather than having to defend yourself.

- How the right mindset can go a long way; how to adapt your thinking to any situation.

- Domestic abuse – dealing with common scenarios and how to seek help.

- Finding confidence – knowing you can overcome an attacker is half the battle.

- Basic principles of self-defence – how to react when facing physical attack.

- Every day objects - how using them can aid you in a life or death situation.

Della O’Sullivan is a martial arts expert and a specialist in women’s self-defence and street defence. She is five feet tall and petite, and has tested everything she teaches in her workshops, seminars and regular classes against larger male attackers. Della is a firm believer in turning pain into power. She has been there and knows what it feels like. In Fight Like a Girl, her first book, she shares her methods and tools to help others develop the strength and mentality to survive and be OK.

Della’s goal is to make sure that readers feel empowered on the inside and equipped on the outside. Physical attacks are rare, and no woman should be frightened to live her life. But if you are faced with a potentially violent situation, this book will help keep you three steps ahead.



About the book: 

  • High quality, paperback edition

  • Approx. 208 pages and 40,000 words

  • Black and white illustrations in every chapter

  • Tons of amazing and exclusive pledge levels!

  • EXCLUSIVE pledge levels available.

* Book designs, cover and other images are for illustrative purposes and may differ from final design.