Fight Like a Woman – Si-Fu Della O'Sullivan, Wing Tsun Master

It is widely regarded that Wing Tsun was created by a woman, one of the survivors of the demise of the temples of the Shaolin monks. So it's poetic that it's a woman who is at the forefront of the burgeoning Wing Tsun martial arts scene in London, teaching Wing Tsun in Dulwich, it's also known as Wing Chun.

Della O'Sullivan, off the back of enduring the frightening ordeal of being stalked for 4 years by an unhinged individual, she decided to literally take her safety into her own hands. Dulwich based Mum-of-one Della began her journey over a decade ago, and is now looking to help empower those who feel vulnerable, be it fellow women or anybody else who feels victimised or ostracised within their community. As well as the women-only classes, she plans to encourage the LGBT community to participate in classes scheduled especially for them too.

Si-Fu (Master) Della O'Sullivan, to give her full and well earned title, describes that 'fundamentally a master of an art is someone who has mastered the ability to NOT allow their emotions, fears ‘demons’ to control them. They should represent and reflect honesty, integrity, skill, intelligence and patience.’ I am sure you will be in agreement that these are values that transcend the martial arts arena and can be applied to every facet of life.

Who might be interested in learning this ancient art? If you want to physically empower yourself in order to defend yourself if attacked, wish to improve your self-discipline or simply want to enhance your own self-confidence, then Wing Tsun could well be exactly what you are looking for. Si-Fu Della's vision is to make the people of London aware of the art, and to provide them with the opportunity to tap into the mental, physiological and spiritual benefits of this practical and sleek 300 year old art form.

Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association operate as members of The International Wing Tsun Association and have locations across London in Dulwich, Bexley, Wandsworth and Waterloo.

In addition to the woman-only and LGBT-only classes, you will find a community and classes that welcome everyone with varying abilities and ages, even offering a kids club, in the belief that everyone has the right to learn the skills to defend themselves.

Keeping an eye out for Si-Fu Della O'Sullivan's 'Fight like a girl' workshops and seminars across London for an insight into ancient art with can deliver a very relevant lessons' for the modern day woman.

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