Wing Tsun in London

Deriving from China, Wing Tsun can most closely be described as a combination of two different branches of Kung Fu, the forms practised by the Shaolin and the Wu Tang schools of martial arts. The Shaolin are famed for their hard brutal form, based on the movements of animals, whereas the Wu Tang school focused more on maximising the use of the human body as a weapon.

Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun London

Wing Tsun is centred around a devastating combination of striking speed and precision, delivered with the intent of disabling an assailant as quickly and efficiently as possible. Basically, this branch of Kung Fu has taken the most effective aspects of other forms, and put them together to create a lethal and uncompromising form of fighting. Less concerned with aesthetics, and abandoning the sporting element that other martial arts encompass, Wing Tsun is designed purely to incapacitate as quickly as possible, using as little energy as possible. A survival skill as opposed to an art form, with no no concern for point scoring, like in judo or taekwondo, the point is to empower you with the tools required to neutralise threats.

Wing Tsun grants you the power to take ownership of your body, mastering its power to move efficiently with great precision, giving you the chance to defend yourself from a position of disadvantage.

In any game or sport, you have a set of rules to adhere to; this isn't the case for Wing Tsun. Anything goes.

If you have some pent up aggression you want to release, or are looking for an exercise to expedite the shedding of a few pounds, then perhaps Wing Tsun isn't for you. It's all about learning explosive and aggressive fighting skills, through manipulating your own, as well as your opponents body weight and movement. An improvement in your personal fitness and subsequent weight loss will be inevitable side effects, but primarily it's art to learn for the purpose educating yourself with some valuable, and potentially life saving, skills.

It is a discipline that will require your focus and effort to become competent in, but at Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun London, you will receive all the support you need to, from instructors and peers alike, in order to learn the skills to defend yourself.

Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun London are bringing an ancient Chinese practice into modern day London. East meets West, old meets new, there are physical and psychological lesson to be learnt; come give it a try.

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