Wing Tsun in London- how can it benefit your life?

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Wing Tsun in London

Here in the UK we are fortunate to live in a very well policed and secure society, that has a relatively low violent crime rate amongst first world countries. However, it is easy to become complacent, and having a few self defence moves up your sleeve can only be a good thing should you find yourself in the unsavoury situation of having to physically defend yourself, or your friends or family, against an attacker.

Luckily, at Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun in London we are on hand to help locals who are keen to add some self defence moves to their arsenal.

Why choose Wing Tsun over other martial arts?

Wing Tsun has a distinct advantage over most other forms of martial arts. Wing Tsun has never become a competitive sport, like many of its contemporaries, so therefore has never had to have defined rules or restrictions to follow, in order for it to be refereed. This is a big advantage, as some of the principles it teaches are much closer to what could be deployed in a no-rules street fight. It has avoided becoming diluted, so to speak, in order to conform to rules within sporting competition. If trained within a discipline that must follow certain rules and regulations, then you could find yourself ill prepared when up against an assailant that doesn’t abide by any pre-determined restrictions. Wing Tsun can even help prepare you to negate the threat imposed by a would-be attacker wielding a weapon such as a knife or a bat.

We teach you to defend against knives, bottles bats, multiple attackers and how to defend a 3rd party which are all things are likely to be faced within street fighting situation. Our weapons defence system is taught to military and police forces in Eastern Europe, and we have taught security guards, body guards and police officers the program in the U.K.

There is no point scoring objective, like with other martial arts, that reward a clean strike or when you manipulate your opponent to the ground. The objective of Wing Tsun is simple: self preservation and survival, by any means necessary.

Wing Tsun on the red carpet

Wing Tsun, also commonly referred to as Wing Chun, has been the inspiration behind many big films and movie franchises. For example the IP Man series, starring Donnie Yen, although heavily exaggerated and deploying gravity defying scenes that belong in the realm of science fiction, is based on the principles of Wing Tsun.

Exposure from these critically acclaimed films has helped increase Wing Tsun’s popularity, which has resulted in a higher demand for tutoring in this martial art. At Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association we provide people within their vicinity to explore this ever increasing martial art at their convenience, so make sure to take advantage and give it a try.

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