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We have a saying in Wing Tsun, “we don’t fight but if we fight we win”. 


This means that as practitioners we don’t look for trouble, but if trouble comes we are equipped with tools that are necessary to deal with the trouble and come out of it safely. 

The benefit of self-defence is a small but important part of Wing Tsun.  

Address: Mandelsson room St Johns Cript 73 Waterloo Road SE1 8UD


Phone Number: 07522415955

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Sifu Michael McGinley

Head of Waterloo School

Founding Member of the Association 
Waterloo Branch

Sifu Michael started training Wing Tsun in 2007 and was Sifu Della O'Sullivan's first ever student.


He has worked closely with Sifu Della for many years as a teaching assistant, and as a result, gained quality knowledge of Wing Tsun and excellent approach to teaching.


Sifu Michael was part of the team (alongside Sifu Della) who travelled to China where they toured and performed demonstrations and promoting the art of Wing Tsun which included inside the Shaolin Temple, Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.  


Sifu Mike holds a world record as a participant of a group who completed the most amount of hours trained. This was completed twice in both 2010 and 2011 for the longest trained kung fu class, with 29 hours in 2010 and 36hours in 2011.

After 10 years of training, assisting and teaching Sifu Michael opened his branch this year in Waterloo.


"Wing Tsun

At worst teaches you how to survive..

At best can teach you how to live.."

Sifu Michael  





Mandelsson room

St Johns Cript 73 Waterloo Road SE1 8UD


Monthly Fee:

x1 Class per week- £55​




Corporate events and courses
We offer a range of courses

Courses range from self defence and weapons to wing Tsun syllabus.



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Pheonix Eye Wing Tsun Waterloo

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Address: Mandelsson room St Johns Cript 73 Waterloo Road SE1 8UD

Phone Number: 07522415955
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Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Waterloo?

"Sifu Mike has a patient and measured approach informed by his own deep experience. This shines through, leaving me with a clear and assured grasp of the pieces that make up a beautiful Wing Tsun puzzle. The journey of completing the full picture is wonderful, not to mention my increasing confidence and strength - I highly recommend :) "

"Sifu Mike is a very knowledgeable Sifu. Classes are well structured and very fun and active. High recommended to anyone wanting to improve their fitness learning self-defence! 

Thank you Sifu!

"Sifu Mike is a very knowledgeable and clear instructor I would highly recommend anyone interested to go and see him you won't regret it"