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Who we are 

Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun association is lead by Sifu Della O’Sullivan.

Our Lineage comes from the Leung Ting Line (Hungary) and we have not altered or added to the Wing Tsun Technical System. We have a different grading structure, which has been created and designed by Sifu Della O’Sullivan alongside the founding members of the association and has the approval of the council of masters that Sifu Della belongs to in Hungary -


Our Teachers

Requirements to teach:

  • Have, high technical skill and fighting ability.

  • Have deep knowledge and understanding of all sides of the Wing Tsun system.

  • Be a martial artist in character as well as ability reflecting qualities such as; Honour, integrity, discipline, respect, humility, and trustworthiness.


Sifu Della O’Sullivan

Chief instructor of the Association 


We decide together if a person who is dedicated and has the correct knowledge should teach.  


Sifu Bill Cooper

School leader - Crayford

Sifu Bill has always had an interest in martial arts. He was first introduced to Karate as a child... 


Si-Hing Joe Parker started training Wing Tsun in 2012. Advocate for women's safety and head assistant instructor for Fight Like A Girl Women's Self-Defence Program 


Si-Hing Michael started training Wing Tsun in 2007 and was Sifu Della O'Sullivan's first-ever student. 


What we represent

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  • We teach the full and Authentic Wing Tsun system.

  • We have an ethical approach to teaching, we believe in balance, unity, and fairness.


  • We have a structured grading system that enables all students, regardless of the desire to teach or not, to have the ability to learn the entire Wing Tsun system with a practical approach for modern-day London in terms of realistic self-defence.


  • We have separated the professionalism of teaching to the desire to just be a student. So that our teachers are only Teachers because they have the full qualifications and desires to be. Learning the wing Tsun system is not enough of a requirement to be qualified. So we have installed separate training for those who are eligible to teach. With the fairness that for those who do not have this desire can still learn.


  • We pressure test our students to ensure they are able to realistically apply the skills and coherently understand the theories, principles, and knowledge.


  • We ensure all teachers are helpful, approachable, knowledgeable, skilled, and morally balanced. If a person is selfish, lacks patience, and doesn’t show a good moral character they will not be eligible to teach. They must also learn the grading curriculum, and be trained on how to run classes, warm-ups, and lead by example in all areas.

  • We offer support to our community, to local charities and run several workshops to invest in projects and groups who need our support.


Our Ethos

Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association

We have kept our code of conduct the traditional code that IP man wrote himself.

IP mans code of conduct.PNG
  • Remain Disciplined.

  • Uphold yourself ethically as a martial artist

  • Be respectful and honest

  • Serve your community and honour your family

  • Love your fellow students and classmates

  • Be united and avoid conflict

  • Limit your pursuits of bodily pleasures

  • Preserve the proper attitude

  • Train diligently and make it a habit

  • Cultivate your skill

  • Learn to be calm

  • Don’t participate in arguments and fights

  • Cooperate with people

  • Be civilized and gentle in your manners

  • Show empathy and humanity for all human kind

  • Use your fighting ability for the good of humanity

  • Pass on our traditions

  • Promote our art and its code of conduct

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The first stage of your training is the most important. Without a strong foundation, a person cannot build well upon it.

With you ever step of the way

It can be intimidating walking into a class with lots of people, who have been training for some time, but we operate as a family and we are supportive, encouraging and patient with each other. That includes students, assistants, and teachers.

Learning all together

For our longer running schools with an advanced group, we integrate the students together for the first part of our classes; our advanced students train with the beginners so that there is a two-way development; the advanced students polish their beginner material and the beginners get help with their development. When the class is split to relevant levels we ensure an assistant is with both groups.

Progression at your pace

We never want our beginners so feel out of place or out of depth, and so we work hard to ensure they don’t.  

Beginners handbook

We also hand out a student handbook which is designed to give beginners have access to the terminology, grading structure and basic principles of Wing Tsun.

First stage

The first stage of the beginner grades is self defence theories and learning the 5 stages of self defence which include:

  • Pre-strike

  • Grabs

  • Pushes

  • Hair pulls

  • Tackle to the ground

  • Chokes

  • Basic strike defence.


"When I was a beginner I felt really silly standing at the back trying to follow a sequence of movements I have not yet grasped, so I know how it feels. And this is why we make sure that an assistant goes through the form every class with the beginner students and with every group learning a new form"


Sifu Della O'Sullivan

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