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Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association?

"I’ve been training under Si-mei Della for a few months now. As a petite woman, I find the practical focus on self-defence very assuring. Si-mei is an encouraging mentor and her martial arts skills are inspirational. I’m really glad to have discovered Si-mei’s program as I have progressed in terms of strength, speed and agility in a short space of time."


"I have been training at Si-Mei’s school in Dulwich for nearly two years now and am very impressed with her level of knowledge and practical skill. Her ability to communicate the intricacies of wing tsun to her students is excellent. The classes are focused and students are encouraged to push themselves to get the benefits of what is being taught in a safe and friendly environment.


I have learnt so much from the classes and always look forward to the next!"

Brian Richards, 2 years experience

"Over the years I have been a student at a number of Wing Tsun schools and I can confidently say that this is the best school in both its training methods and its commitment to teaching the orignal, traditional form of the art. I really enjoy the attention to detail, the clarity of instruction and the super-friendly atmosphere."

Yannis Marcou, 10 years experience

"I had done martial arts on and off since I was a kid karate to kick boxing some wu shu some Japanese ju jitsu…
I have trained wingtsun for 9 years Simei has been my teacher throughout these years and she has been a pillar of support in my life, she has a great method of teaching that really gets the best out of her students regardless of level. She is very technical and has a in-depth knowledge of wingtsun which she unreservedly passes on to her students.
Classes are always good energy and you always come away feeling as though you have achieved something…
But most of all simei pushes for perfection from her students. She leads by example through her personal training and, importantly, how she applies wingtsun to her personal life… A true martial artist that the founding members would be proud of. Keep it up"

Michael McGinley

"I have been training with Della O’Sullivan for almost a year now. I really do enjoy her fun yet challenging classes that have taught me not only great self defence skills, but life skills too. It is a real confidence booster!"

Tobi Jenkins, Beginner student

"Si-Mei Della is an outstanding teacher and leader of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Della’s professionalism is evident in all aspects of her work including the highest levels of tuition, challenge and care she provides to her students. Her detailed and thorough approach allows students of all ages to develop and flourish during their Wing Tsun journey. The skills and awareness that Della teaches have a positive impact on the lives of her students who benefit from an improved sense of well being. Della is an excellent role model for all aspiring martial artists as well as being an ambassador for the Five Elements Organisation for which she is the UK’s senior representative. Della’s dedication to the development of Wing Tsun makes her an inspiration for both her students and fellow instructors. Whether working as an international leader of Wing Tsun or a local teacher of a class Della embodies all that is worthy in this ancient martial art."

Dr. Jeff Blyth, Education Consultant and Chair of Community Trust

"I have trained in several martial arts over the years, under many masters. No martial art is more effective, and no teacher more talented, than the Wing Tsun taught by Sifu Della.
Her ability, character and knowledge are profound. Her passion for Wing Tsun, teaching and her students is evident immediately. She instantly and continuously inspires you to learn, be a better person and develop amazing skills.
Wing Tsun is truly the most reliable source for practical self-defence out there, and Dulwich Academy has the best teacher there is.
As a Doorman, I constantly need to use what she teaches, and it has literally saved lives."

Bill Cooper, Doorman and Wing Tsun Instructor

"I have trained with Si-Mei Della for many years, and recently started at the Dulwich school under her guidance. Si-Mei’s knowledge of WingTsun is quite astounding, and is matched by her ability not only in the execution, but also in the teaching of it. Her personality and passion for WingTsun make classes fun and there’s a real sense of “family” within the school. As one of the highest graded female practitioners in the world, I am extremely proud of Si-Mei Della’s achievements, and proud to learn from her and be part of the Dulwich school"

Paul Simpson, 5 years experience

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