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Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association Covid 19 Policies

While lockdown continues, we are teaching almost exclusively via Zoom online classes. As government restrictions reduce, the individual schools will be opening as allowed. Please contact your local school for details on their current availability.

Please refer to below for the current association policies in place for when we open live classes. Each school may have minor variations/additions in regards to their specific buildings design and regulations. Please see individual pages for more details as the schools reopen.


All classes must be booked in advance so as to ensure the maximum number of attendees is not exceeded.

Arrival/Drop Off:

Classes will be spaced by a 15 minute gap to allow the exit of previous groups and arrival of the next. There will also be sanitizer stations upon entry where temperature checks completed by an instructor. No waiting in communal areas are allowed and no spectators will be authorized to remain while classes are in session.

Social Distancing:

Cones, tape or other suitable barriers will be used to mark distancing, allowing students to keep a minimum of 2 meters apart. Students are to keep to their assigned area at all times. There will be space for instructors to move around the hall which will double as entry/exit pathways for students from their training area to the exits, toilets etc.

Training Equipment:

No shared equipment such as pads will be used.

Training Method:

All training will be non contact and distanced. Sparring, pad work or partner drills will not be performed.

Face Coverings:

Face coverings are not currently mandatory in a group training environment with the regulation distancing, therefore are optional within the class. However, members should follow government guidelines for coverings in all areas of the venue, outside of classes.

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