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Wing Tsun in London
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Gain control of Your Mind to Develop Control of Your Body

..So in a Self-defence situation
you remain Calm and Collected




Welcome to

Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association

Our Philosophy 


We are a progressive and accepting martial arts community, who does not tolerate any discriminative behaviour or language within our classes. We pride ourselves on creating safe

spaces for all marginalised communities, and genders. 

Our code of conduct includes us taking a careful consideration and responsibility on who we accept as students and try our best to ensure all students accepted to join are those who align with our ethos. 

Our mission is to empower our students with skills, knowledge, and confidence.  

We train to improve and refine all sides of the art (physical, spirit, health)


 Whether you are looking to learn self-defence, increase your fitness, to enhance your mental focus, or meet like-minded people, our schools offer the very best!


We currently provide Wing Tsun in London and Bexley:


Wing Tsun in Dulwich

Wing Tsun in Crayford

Wing Tsun Covent Garden







Practical Self Defence

Wing Tsun is an art designed for the street and practical self-defence. The fighting techniques are realistic, easy to apply and, more importantly, easy to adapt – the obvious benefit is a clear set of skills that can save your life if ever faced with dangerous, real-life situations. Our syllabus is structured so that the practitioner can learn a skill set for each topic and are then taught key principles which are tied in with each topic to allow them to adapt to any situation.

Developed from the perspective and understanding of a smaller framed person, Wing Tsun effectively uses techniques without using a huge amount of force or effort. This does not mean that larger, stronger people cannot use Wing Tsun, it means that anyone who does use it can be more efficient with their use of energy and time. It means that anyone of any size, gender, age can train to effectively defend themselves if faced with a larger attacker or more than one attacker. 


Wing Tsun is based on the understanding of transferable principles interlinked with practical fighting applications.


We strongly believe in educating students:

  • How to think in a fight

  • How and when to apply the principles

  • Freedom to chose and react with correct techniques

  • Underlying these principles, to become a sound Wing Tsun practitioner you need a balance of disciplines: hard training and knowledge.

  • Practical training 

Our topics include: 



  • Pre-fight – how to avoid, defuse and disengage 

  • Self-defence skills (pushes, grabs, basic strikes, how to stop someone trying to tackle you to the floor 

  • Defence against one average attacker 

  • Basic weapons defence 

  • Advanced weapons defence 

  • Defence against a skilled attacker 

  • Defence against more than one attacker 

  • Defence against an attacker who starts off unarmed then goes for a weapon 

  • Women’s self defence 

  • Sparring 

  • Automatic reflex training 

  • Scenario-based exercises 

  • Theories and principles 

  • How to overcome fear 

  • When to fight back 

  • Knowing your distance 


Health, Fitness & Well being

General health improves from physical training alone and individual learners’ aims are developed with their teachers in order to reach goals at a pace suitable to their age and fitness levels. The philosophical teachings improve mental wellbeing and lower stress levels by providing the tools and principles applicable in stressful situations.

We encourage our students to have a healthy lifestyle out of class, and we train with the approach that every student will develop in fitness and stamina. We also teach 3 sides of Chi-Kung for internal health and which also improves; energy, immune system, mental clarity, general wellbeing, confidence and self-clarity. 


Niu Kung is a method of breathing we use when we practice chi-kung, its known as reverse breathing where we breath into our bellies, through our nose and this allows the lungs to drop and can take in more oxygen 

Benefits of Chi –Kung 


  • Builds power 

  • Loosens muscles (massive benefit to wing Tsun as we work on relaxed power) 

  • Strengthens the organs 

  • Cardio is improved 

  • Vascular function improved 

  • Improves immune system 

  • Prevents injury 

  • Increases internal power in martial arts 

  • Gives clarity of mind 

  • Helps with stress

  • Lowers heart rate (often used to calm a person in stressful situations) 

  • Improves anxiety 

  • Can prevent panic attacks 

  • Form of mediation 


Strong and Supportive Community 

Being part of a Martial Arts community is something very special. It allows members to develop as individuals, but at the same time they are part of a community and a family; always helping and supporting one another. Our ethos and etiquette strongly reflect the importance of a strong martial arts community. Our aim is for all Wing Tsun students and instructors to represent themselves and the practice by demonstrating the correct attitude, behaviour, having manners, respect and an approach that serves all, in all walks of life. For young adults and children, this is an important lesson and key to our teaching.


Our view is that young people generally like being around those who are tough: it is an appealing characteristic and those who are skilled and strong are looked up to, however here we hope that a goodness in character will also be reflected and hopefully replicated, even if it is not the first thing they see as the most important…

Many lifelong friendships and bonds are made within our walls and we would not have it any other way.

Change Your Life – Gain Inspiration and Motivation


Many students practise a Martial Art because they want to change; to build self-esteem, self-confidence, courage, and personal motivation to achieve their full potential and ultimately be successful in their careers, relationships and personal development.


Wing Tsun has changed lives: you can be the best version of yourself by gaining these key tools and skills to train yourself, every day, step-by-step…

“Who you are now, matters less than who you can become”

Socialising in a positive environment amongst like-minded people is proved to improve mental health. 
We chose our teachers and assistants carefully and we only allow people to work with students if they have a strong moral compass, are patient and have a passion for teaching as a minimum. 

In our association we make a conscious effort to invest back into our local communities, we support charities with our workshops (link) and aim to come together every year to support a new cause. 
Our teaching code of conduct is that of Grandmaster IP Man who was an invested member of his community.


We believe giving back and using our resources to help others where we can.


As one of the main virtues our association is based on is the virtue: 

 Ren- 仁, which belongs to the CHEST of the phoenix and means: kind-heartedness, humanity, benevolence, kindness, and humanity


We run regular summer camps - more info, survival camps - more info, and attend social events such as paint ball, escape rooms and many more. 

As our etiquette is strong we only accept people of good character and have the desire to learn and belong for only good reasons. 


Theory & Philosophy

Wing Tsun is has a balance of being both a potentially brutal fighting art with ultimate sophistication, and that is because the application of the techniques should be conveyed though the understanding of principles. This allows a person to react and adapt in a real situation and not have to know and remember every single technique but can use smart thinking and concepts with basic knowledge to overcome an attacker and effectively defend themselves. 

There is no one answer to anything.


What one Wing Tsun practitioner would do in any given situation, is not necessarily what another would do – in fact it is likely that it would not be. Some would be of different height, ability or speed so may not use the same exact approach as another, so they learn to use the principles to find the techniques they should use and in turn can learn to make the most of what THEY have and not be inferior to another. 

Examples of fighting Principles: 


  • Use the shortest and most direct rout of attack 

  • Protect your centreline 

  • Defend and attack simultaneously

  • Yield to a greater force/ use opponents force against them 

  • Attack weak targets 

Hit from where your hands lay (do not show or telegraph an attack The Wing Tsun fighter’s strategy is based on The Principles of Wing Tsun. When defending an attack, there are dozens of options. The Wing Tsun practitioner uses the option that best fits the situation, as outlined in the principles they have learnt. As a student progresses through the system, they learn more and more principles and uses of techniques to give them more options to choose from. 



Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association?

"I’ve been training under Si-mei Della for a few months now. As a petite woman, I find the practical focus on self-defence very assuring. Si-mei is an encouraging mentor and her martial arts skills are inspirational. I’m really glad to have discovered Si-mei’s program as I have progressed in terms of strength, speed and agility in a short space of time."

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